I’m still really proud to be a Reagan-Trump Conservative Republican. I’m also really proud of my fellow Reagan-Trump Conservative-Republicans even more. We have endured a lot. We are still standing tall and proud.

In 2015 we found a new leader in Donald trump. Since then, the party has endured over five years of utter hell. From the fake Russia interference in the 2016 election to a second impeachment just recently.

This president has persevered by achieving many accomplishments as he was figuratively being persecuted the entire time.

The fact is that Reagan-Trump Conservative-Republicans have taken a lot of things on the chin lately. In the past couple of months, we have seen the 2020 election being stolen right out of our hands. Then we were told that it wasn’t stolen and that no court even looked at the evidence of hundreds of signed affidavits.

Twitter and Facebook has silenced us and then Parler was destroyed. We were told to shut up and obey.

Now it’s normal and okay to categorize and compare Trump voters to racists and domestic terrorists.

I just wonder how the left would handle all these disappointments that we have experienced over the past five years.