Yes, by choosing to continue to survive in 2020 and provide for your family by putting food on the table so we don’t starve to death, has now become a lifestyle choice.  

A lifestyle choice like deciding to be a smoker of not to be a smoker. To be a drug user or not to be a drug user, to be a alcoholic or not to be an alcoholic, to be a mask wearer or not to be a mask wearer, the next lifestyle choice will be to be vaccinated or not to be vaccinated.  

So long are the days when you had a personal freedom of choice and independent thinking.  You either listen to these so-called experts or you’re just stupid and dangerous. You are a super spreader. You will be told that you’re killing people. Well Brian, I guest we’re murders now!

By choosing not to hunker down and shelter in place, and not having the opportunity to work from home, I am forced into taking a personal risk and having to choose to survive and continue to pay the bills or starve to death. 

This lifestyle choice of survival is deemed by many people to be careless and malicious.  Frankly, some people make me feel like I’m murdering people.  Why does it have to be this way? I’m just trying to do the right thing. In my murder trial defense, this lifestyle choice was forced upon me not by the virus but rather by the cure itself. I do not have the wherewithal or the ability to shelter in place for the foreseeable future. Sorry.

Question: If you die of starvation in this era of coronavirus, is my death caused by the virus or the cure? Which is better perceived by folks when it comes time to assess my legacy?