God’s Bond-Servant, Christian, Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, Nephew, Cousin, Friend, Neighbor & Colleague.

I am a Christian that shows God's love in a practical way. I do this by helping small American hotel & restaurant businesses survive & thrive. Everything I do is in the glory of my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

I believe my God-given purpose is helping to build a great legacy for the owners, operators & their employees, so that they may be able to hand it down to future generations.

I created The Lodging & Hospitality Group to fulfill this promise. It surrounds them (the owners, the operators and their employees) with a platform of experts, tools and services that improve their operation and enhances their hospitality.

Helping Build Great American Legacies For Owners, Operators & Employees.

Helping hotels & restaurants survive & thrive by showing up, surrounding them and supporting them.

My Love Of God:

I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord & Savior. To show & demonstrate God’s love in a practical way, by the actions I take everyday. Everything I do is in His Glory.

My Love of Country:

I believe this country is a constitutional republic with a democratic political system. I am for individualism, capitalism, small business, entrepreneurism, protecting real property rights, peace through strength, strong borders with walls, energy independence, the right to bear arms, back & support the police, protect the unborn, America first agenda with small government. All based on truth, logic & common sense

My Story's Essence:

Owner / operators of small independent Lodging & hospitality operations suffer and struggle each and every day. Furthermore, no one really does anything about this unnecessary suffering or struggling.

My Dream:

To transform the lives of those small business owners. To make the biggest impact upon those lives. To impact as many lives as possible. Plus, do it for them cheaper than they can do it themselves.

My Vision:

To Invent a machine that surrounds that owner / operator with systems, expertise, commitment, accountability and results that are staggeringly larger than ever imagined before.

My Purpose:

To promise those owner / operators that hear our message & hear our story, and if they engage with us and our process, then they can be successful in business as a Chick-Fil-A franchise owner / operator.

My Mission:

To build a world-class, turn-key machine that eradicates this unnecessary suffering and struggles that owners endure every day. This is the great result that I have set out to do.

My Focus Of Expertise:

1. Systems: Improves operations by focusing on providing consistent, constant, efficient service, food, cleanliness. 2. Hospitality: Enhances hospitality by focusing on hiring happy people and inspiring them to provide a welcoming environment.

My Objectives & Principles:

Appreciate, Ask, then Act! Plus, personal general operating rules for the road to help guide me.

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William J. Bilo, Jr.